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Welcome to Redfox Autocare India

Redfox Autocare India is the latest installation in Kochi, India, of our parent office in the UAE. Our strong client base in UAE is a testimonial to the amazing service we have been offering over the years. We cater to it all, from faulty brake - repairs to performance tuning for revved up engines. We are pit stop fast when dealing with repairs, and priortise our business accordingly, for shaping the interests of our customers

Redfox Autocare is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur whose passion for cars, can be seen in the spirit and zeal of our business. This has helped us to provide high end services and make reach - exemplary levels of business satisfaction for our clientele

We ensure that our services are budget friendly, priortised and delivered in minimal time. Our professionals are constantly engaged in the process of learning and un-learning, as they innovate and constantly re- designs our business to an ever expanding and challenging industry. It is our pleasure to invite you to Redfox Autocare India, to join us in this journey as we set ourselves as the premier industry standard, in state of the art automobile servicing and quality tuning.  

Modern Workshop

You get your car tuned with state of the art equipments from the premier automobile workshop in Cochin. So you feel it in the stroke of the engine as you rev up your wagon for another busy day. 

Talented Workers

Our crew stands tall in their own achievements and their constant drive towards innovation and design, had lead our team to be a formidable presence in the sphere of automobile servicing.

Leading Auto Specialist

With our undaunting years of experience in this sector, we intend to instill competition and setup the benchmark for the industry to work. Get ready for competition.


Redfox Autocare India is your one stop pit stop for all your automobile needs. We are here to help you with your most minimal of needs, from a faulty break to intricate car detailing. Come visit us or call us along, to see our maestro crew juggle around with their spanners and tight straps - loose nuts and bolts, when your engine stalls in the middle of nowhere.